Mission Statement

Our mission from the beginning and every day in the future: That every guest who chooses Scooter’s Diner leaves satisfied.

Scooter’s philosophy is to link the community to a unique dining experience with an atmosphere of warm welcoming service and a true passion to serve our guests in the same way that ingredients are linked to food. We want our guests to create memories worth sharing with family and friends.

Scooter’s Sustainability Mission Statement

At Scooter’s, we are not only committed to providing the community with great-tasting, high-quality food and service, but we are also dedicated to sustainability.

So, what does “sustainability” mean to Scooter’s? It means we operate our business in a way that allows us to best benefit our Team members and the communities that support us. It means working in a way that helps people see we care about our guests as much as we care about our business. It means recognizing the way we operate today impacts the future of our Team members and community tomorrow.

Scooter’swill strive to be the premier diner in the local marketplace. We want our guests to have the total experience when visiting Scooter’s. Not only will our guests receive a great meal, they will also be provided with a fun atmosphere. We will be doing unique things with our home made items and atmosphere that will set us apart from the competition. We will want the dining experience to be as pleasing to the senses as it is to the palate.

Our main focus will be serving high-quality food at a great value. We will feature a selection of freshly-prepared food. We will feature items daily that are full of flavor and zest at an unbelievable price!

Customer satisfaction is paramount. We will strive for broad appeal. We want to be the diner of choice for everyone: families and singles, young and old, male or female.

Team member welfare will be equally important to our success. All will be treated fairly with the utmost respect. We want our Team members to feel a part of the success of Scooter’s Diner. Happy Team members make happy guests.

We will combine menu variety, atmosphere, ambiance, and friendly staff to create a sense of “family place” in order to reach our goal of over-all value in the dining/entertainment experience.


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